Portable line boring for big diameters

MAUCOTOOLS developed the new kit C40 Universal System KGD to increase the working range of any portable line boring machine in the market, starting from 400 mm of diameter. It is available in 4 versions:

  • Portable line boring from 400 mm up to 800 mm (KDG_400)
  • Portable line boring from 800 mm up to 1200 mm (KDG_800)
  • Portable line boring from 1200 mm up to 1600 mm (KDG_1200)
  • Portable line boring from 1600 mm up to 2000 mm (KDG_1600)

This new kit C40 Universal System KGD is composed by the following parts:

  • Tool holder mechanism
  • Main supports
  • Drive shafts
  • Motor shaft

The tool holder mechanism receives the rotation and feed movement by the motor shaft utilizing any portable line boring machine in the market.

This special mechanism, connected with the cutting tool for boring, has been designed and developed to minimize the radial length between the axis of the motor shaft and the part to be machined.

This trick, in addition to the drive shafts, provides MAUCOTOOLS to stabilize and make the mechanism stronger to obtain faster and more accurate results. The drive shafts are mounted in parallel to the axis of the motor shaft with an interaxle spacing specifically calculated for each range of diameters.

Portable line boring for big diameters

The three drive shafts and the motor shaft are maintained in their position by two main supports, welded on the opposite side to the part to be machining, which are used for centering the portable machine tool. The drive shafts are positioned and driven by self-centering couplings which firmly connect them to the main supports making all the mechanism stronger.

In case the dimension of the motor shaft is different from the most common items present in the market, MAUCOTOOLS can develop a specific kit. In addition, to obtain accurate results, increasing the working length, MAUCOTOOLS has been developed Internal supports (customized, on request) to make all the mechanism stronger.

The manufacturing of the parts of the C40 Universal System KGD is made with CNC machine tools which guarantee high precision of the items and a perfect mechanism.

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